Constant Monitoring Is Necessary For Dental Hygiene

Constant Monitoring Is Necessary For Dental Hygiene
  • Dental hygiene is something that needs to be monitored continually. Teach your baby not to walk or run with objects like lollipop or tooth brush in their mouth to avoid accidents. Apart from tooth accidents, also look out for tooth cavities. This is a problem that should be addressed immediately.Generally, around 6 months of age, your baby’s teeth start to appear. The two lower central incisors arrive at about the same time. Around 7 months, the two upper central incisors(middle teeth) come out. Around 10 months, the upper teeth next to the middle teeth appear. You can try feeding your little one curd or yoghurt( directly from the fridge) to give him some relief. 
  • Even before the first tooth appears, get into the routine of wiping your child’s gums using a finger brush or clean washcloth. You can do this in the morning and before bed time.  After the teeth appear, you can use a soft tooth brush and apply toothpaste, preferably the one that has less fluoride. 
  • Once the first tooth emerges, a visit to the dentist is recommended within 6 months. Check with the dentist for any concerns.