Consult Your Doctor Before Feeding Your Baby Solid Food

Consult Your Doctor Before Feeding Your Baby Solid Food

* Your little one’s digestive system is designed to take in only breast milk at this point of time. Therefore, avoid solid foods until your child reaches a minimum age of 17 weeks.

* Certain foods such as salt, sugar and biscuits are not recommended for babies until they are a year old.

* Remember, your baby might have allergies to certain solids foods too. Hence, first consult your doctor before you venture on your own.

* You as a parent need to be careful when it comes to planning your baby’s diet during the infant stage. One needs to understand that solid food before six months is not at all recommended. However, consulting the doctor should always be the top priority.

* Your toddler’s digestive system hits the development phase after 17 weeks.

* Fruits and vegetable mash along with baby food can be offered as your baby crosses his 19th week.

* You need to make sure that too much salt or sugar can be harmful for their child’s health, so ask the doctor to prepare a diet chart which can prove beneficial for your little one.