Crucial Thing To Remember-Body Temperature Of Your New Born

Crucial Thing To Remember-Body Temperature Of Your New Born
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Being mindful of your newborn baby's body temperature is a very vital aspect of his well-being. Newborns are highly sensitive to changes in temperature and if left unchecked, can be detrimental to their health and well being.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain your little one's body temperature:

1. Keep your child adequately covered at all times. A newborn's skin is very thin and allows for a rapid loss of your little one's core body temperature, which can be dangerous. Observe and obtain instructions on how to properly wrap your little one in the blanket so as to conserve its body heat.

2. Skin to skin contact with your newborn also helps in maintaining your little one's body temperature. If your child feels a little cold, or shows unusually low activity, keeping him in direct contact with the mother's skin is a great way of raising his body temperature.

3. Remember that your newborn should be exclusively breastfed. Other liquids/substances are not to be administered to the newborn, as your little one will not be able to digest them and they might not be at the required temperature and can reduce the core tempreture of your little one.

4. Make sure that the room that your newborn is kept in, is also neither too hot nor too cold. Ambient temperature affects the newborn's body tempreture to a large extent, as your little one's skin is highly permeable to temperature and heat can be lost rapidly from the body.