Cues That Tell You Your Baby Is Sleepy

Cues That Tell You Your Baby Is Sleepy
5m to 8m
Health and Wellness

Rest is inevitable and so is sleep. Your body exhibits certain signals and indicates that you are tired and your baby is no different. Though at this age, he cannot tell you he will give you cues of being tired and so wants to doze off. These cues are sent to you by your cutie pie so that you may soothe him and send him to his dreamland. 

When your baby gets tired his eyes get sleepy, you may even find him yawning continuously. He starts rubbing his eyes vigorously and seems fidgety where he is unable to contain himself. He will fuss over everything thereby refusing to eat or drink anything. The best way out to comfort your baby is to cuddle him close before he gets too tired and uncontrollable. Feed and sing him a lullaby in a dark room where the ambiance is calm, quiet and without much hustle bustle just right enough to put him to sleep. Keep him away from any distractions like television or any loud music. Always keep a bottle ready not leaving any space for him to get jittery. More sleep helps your baby mentally and in physical growth and development.