Daytime Naps For Your Baby- Do’s And Don’t’s

Daytime Naps For Your Baby- Do’s And Don’t’s
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Daytime naps are pivotal for your baby’s development especially in the first year. Here are some do’s and don’t’s for daytime naps:


1. Your baby sleeps a lot longer than adults especially in the first year. So understand the average sleep requirement of a newborn. The pattern might however vary from one baby to another, so do not force your baby to sleep or wake up.

2. Look for signs of tiredness and put your baby to sleep as he does not know how to fall asleep on his own at this age. An over-tired and sleepy baby might get cranky and it would be more difficult to put him to sleep at this point.


1. Don’t keep changing nap routines and nap times. Naps during travel and naps at odd times might not be as effective as regular naps.

2. Don’t wake up your sleeping baby to shift him to another room or for any other reason. Naps should be uninterrupted to help your baby sleep better.