Dealing With Your Baby's Stranger Anxiety

Dealing With Your Baby's Stranger Anxiety
5m to 8m
  • At this point, do not leave your little one alone with a stranger as he might freak out. Be there and introduce the baby to the new person. Make your child spend quality time with the new person so that he can grow comfortable. Be there to observe your baby's behaviour with a new face.
  • Introducing new faces to your baby can be a tricky thing. While all your friends and family will be extremely excited to meet the new member, the new member herself might not be as excited to meet the family and your friends just yet. The first faces that the baby usually sees are those of her mother and father. For the initial few days she is still getting acquainted with their faces. 
  • Avoid introducing a new face suddenly. Allow both the parties to introduce themselves to each other from a safe distance first. Notice how your baby is responding to the new stranger. If she is receptive of the new face, gradually allow the person to come closer to her. Letting them hold the baby should come much later and only after you are convinced of their hygiene and baby’s comfort level in meeting the new face. Until then it is best that all new faces maintain a safe distance while meeting the baby and not overwhelm her with so many moving faces at once. With time she will probably allow those around her, other than her parents to pick her up and cradle her without creating a fuss about it. It all depends on when your baby is ready, so do not rush anything.