Detecting Fever With Feet Temperature

Detecting Fever With Feet Temperature
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Knowing whether or not your child is feverish and initiating early measures for the same is a very vital piece of information to know as a parent, as at this age your child’s immune system is still developing and a fever of any magnitude calls for attention.

Here are ways that you can reliably detect a child’s fever

1. Foot and sole temperature is a reliable and easily accessible method of assessing weather or not your child has a fever as it does not require your child to be undressed or unrobed. Making sure that your hands are warmed, feel the surface of your child’s sole with the back of your hand to know whether or not your child is feverish.

2. The back of the hand is the most reliable and sensitive way to assess your child’s variations in temperature, as it is most sensitive to identifying changes in skin temperature.

3. Relying on sole temperature is convenient for you as a parent and to your little baby as you can do so without disturbing your child’s sleep or having to move them about roughly, making the child comfortable. A definite win-win situation in a worrisome situation indeed!

4. With the advent of new and easy-to-use technology, skin temperature measuring devices, when available, are the most sensitive way of identifying potentially worrisome changes in your baby’s body temperature. Since the temperature of the skin of the sole is quite accurate to be applied to detection of fever, using these devices on the sole of the feet provide for a quick and effective way to measure your baby’s body tempreture.