Diagnosing Eye Problem in Your Baby- Know Hows

Diagnosing Eye Problem in Your Baby- Know Hows
10m to 1y

1. If your baby is rubbing is eyes constantly without any apparent reason, it indicates an irritation and a potential issue with the eye. Try to understand when he does more of rubbing other than when is he feeling sleeping.

2. Pay attention to the movements of your baby's eyes. If both are eyes are not moving in coordination, it indicates a problem. For eg. If one eye ball move better than the other or just doesn't move much, in such cases see your doctor asap.

3. Unusual discharge from the eyes along with redness is also a sign that the eyes may not be doing fine.

4. Notice if your baby's eyes are unusually sensitive to light. 5. Notice if there is any abnormal spot inside the eye, especially the pupil. 6. Last but not the least, if your baby still squints. Please check with your doctor if any of the above condition persists.