Diaper Area Needs To Be Constantly Monitored

Diaper Area Needs To Be Constantly Monitored
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It’s normal for your baby to wet 6-8 heavy diapers per twenty hours. It is important to make a note of your baby’s pee and poop as they are the big indicators of any change in the little one's health condition. Along with the pee and poop, the diaper area of your baby needs to be monitored at regular intervals. Here is why:

1. Your little one is born with a soft skin, which requires extra care and protection. The skin under diaper area is more prone to rashes or other infection and thus, requires constant care. To help avoid rash, change pants or diapers regularly. Even the best diapers need to be changed to protect your baby’s skin.

2. The diaper area remains wet for maximum times. The humid condition inside pants or diapers can cause skin irritation and thus, lead to diaper rashes. Try to keep the diaper area dry as dampness or humidity is a breeding ground for bacteria, causing the rashes. This can even spread to your baby’s tummy or thighs in certain cases. Make sure that diaper is not too tight, so wetness stays away from the skin.

3. If your baby remains in wet pants for long, he is more prone to skin and viral infections. The prolonged wet pants could lead to cold and fever in newborn babies. Thus, regular monitoring and changing of pants is required.

4. Gently clean the diaper area with water and a soft washcloth, pat dry baby’s skin. Allow the skin to breathe and air dry fully. Apply anti-rash cream or coconut oil before getting him into diapers again.