Diaper Bag List You Must Abide By!

Diaper Bag List You Must Abide By!
1m to 4m
Health & Wellness
Health & Hygiene
1. Diapers: Take extra always according to the duration of the trip.
2. Wet wipes: Either a small pack or take few in zip-lock cover.
3. Plastic covers: To dispose used diapers pr to carry wet clothes.
4. Bottle/sippy cups: For emergency feed.
5. Spare clothes: Two to three sets.
6. Diaper rash cream: To avoid diaper rashes after diaper change.
7. Wrapper /swaddler: To keep baby warm.
8. Toys: Required for distracting crying baby.
9. Dry sheet: Needed during diaper and cloth change.
10. Medicines: Required for first aid.