Do Not Let The Chatter Stop!

Do Not Let The Chatter Stop!
4m to 7m
Language & Communication

Keep talking to your baby right from their birth. The more you talk and interact with your baby, the faster is their development for speech and picking up various languages. You do not have to say anything profound – just keep saying what you are doing, naming objects as you pick them up, etc. Apart from enhancing their speech development, your baby will love to hear the sound of your voice! An infant is trying to cope up with this new and strange world in which he has stepped out after a stay of 9 months in a small safe place in your womb. Naturally the world is slightly daunting to him.

By talking to him constantly you give him the feeling of security that he is not alone. He familiarises himself with your voice, which in turn helps in bonding. At the same time as your infant grows, his capacity to explore this new world grows with him. Every time he holds an object to inspect talk to him about it, taking its name and explaining its properties. It is not necessary for your child to understand your words. But he will still grasp a lot from this conversation and the tone in which you talk. So ensure that you keep talking to your kid.