Do You See Blood Spots In The diaper?

Do You See Blood Spots In The diaper?
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Did you just notice a small speck of blood on your newborn’s diaper? If you are worried about it, worry not as there are a few possible reasons for this.

• Your little one could have swallowed some blood while breastfeeding and this could have happened if your newborn fed from a cracked nipple which the mother is not aware of.

• If your baby is constipated and has difficulty in passing stools, the pressure could cause the skin around their rectum to tear slightly resulting in very slight bleeding. Though this is uncommon as babies generally tend to be constipated when they are on solids, it could be one reason to look into. If your baby is on any medication such as calcium syrup, it is one reason for them to pass hard stools.

• Girl babies are prone to bloody discharge due to the changes in hormones that they acquire through their mother after delivery. When hormones level return back to normal, the blood spots disappear.