Dos and Dont's Of Those First Baby Steps

Dos and Dont's Of Those First Baby Steps
7m to 10m

It is almost time for your baby to take her first little steps and you must be so excited! But do not make her try to walk or stand until she starts trying it herself. At this age, your baby’s feet are still very soft and malleable – she may not be ready to take her own weight if you try to make her walk too early.

Do not put your kid in a walker thinking this will provide her additional support. Walkers at this early age may promote an unnatural way of walking. Instead, it is better to hold her under her arms and let her walk a few steps while you bear most of her weight.

Do not stuff your baby’s feet into hard or fancy shoes at this age. Her feet are very soft and hard shoes may hurt her or even cause her feet to develop in a misshapen way. Go for soft booties or socks.