Ease Gum Soreness With Chilled Teethers

Ease Gum Soreness With Chilled Teethers
  • At this point, loads of changes are happening with your baby's physical growth and oral health is something you need to take care of. There's still a long time for your baby's teething process to begin but better to be safe than sorry, and hence, you must know how to treat your baby's sore gums in the coming few months. Refrigerate rubber teethers and give them to your baby. The cold rubber will ease your angel's sore gums. Some babies prefer biting clothes. Take a soft, clean towel, refrigerate it and give it to your little one. 
  • Make sure the cloth is not too big or doesn’t have any loose hanging threads. By the time your little one hits the six month mark, she will start growing her first set of teeth. This process often leads to kids having an urge to bite into something since the gums become irritable right before teeth start to come out.
  • You will notice your baby having a constant need to chew on something or the other, if they find nothing then they will either bite their fingers or yours. Having a teether handy at this time is a great help. Simply refrigerate it and let your baby chew on it. The teether is soft and thus, will not hurt your baby’s sensitive gums while the coldness will help ease the soreness that they may feel.
  • If your kid is not big on teethers, use a soft towel instead. Either way, it is important that whatever the baby is biting is soft enough not to hurt her gums in the process.
  • The incoming teeth are already enough to agitate her gums into soreness, you must ensure that the teether or the clothe helps easing it instead of aggravating it any further. Also ensure that they are properly distilled as they go into baby’s mouth and thus, must not carry any germs.