Ease Up Constipation In Your Baby

Ease Up Constipation In Your Baby
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Your child at this stage is quite prone to constipation. Check the new food that you have introduced recently to your child, which may be causing constipation. Increase the fluid intake. 

Constipation is perhaps one of the most common problems that children face at this age. It is primarily due to the change in food habits that he has suddenly undergone. Your child is having solid food now and the digestive system needs to get accustomed with that. So, constipation is probably one of the most common things to happen. 

Addressing constipation is not difficult, but certainly slightly tricky. Check what you child is constipating to. Increase the fluid intake in his diet along with fiber. Try giving prune juice. Also, you can use glycerin suppository for immediate relief. And if it is unmanageable with home remedies, seek doctor’s help. A little treatment at times eases the discomfort that your baby must be facing because of constipation. Chronic constipation can prove to be harmful in several other ways too.