Easy Way Of Making Your Baby More Alert

Easy Way Of Making Your Baby More Alert
3m to 6m
  • Offer a rattling toy to your child. Such objects please small babies alot and fascinate them incessantly. You can create different types of sounds which would make your baby alert and react with a laugh or a gurgle.Spend maximum time with the baby so that he develops a soft corner for you. He would grow comfortable in your presence which would help him emote.
  • As your toddler grows, it is important to make him more alert. You as a parent need to find out ways to develop your little one’s sensory skills. You can offer a rattler toy to your baby so that he can enjoy the sound and feel happy. Also, try to gather objects which make different sounds. Check your infant’s reaction after every new sound. Be there with your baby for the maximum time to plan out new activities. This would help to build a strong bond, which is important at this growing stage.