Easy Way Of Strengthening Your Baby's Limbs

Easy Way Of Strengthening Your Baby's Limbs
2m to 5m
Gross motor

Your child now is a tiny bundle of joy who has a long way to go. Every part of his body is waiting to be nurtured with love and care. At this stage, there is nothing much that your child can do. He sleeps, feeds, plays a bit and falls asleep again, and that’s about it.

He doesn’t have enough movements of his body parts that will give him the necessary exercises that he would need. But, his body parts need strengthening. And one of the best ways of doing so is through massages and exercises that you can help him to do. You can give your child oil massage every day with proper motion. To make sure that you don’t hurt him in the process, please ensure that you seek advice on how to go about it. The strokes must be gentle yet effective enough to tone his muscles well.

Also, allow your child to play with kicks of the limbs as much as possible. The more he will have his body moved in various ways, the more it will serve as an exercise for him. Strengthening of limbs is absolutely important because in this your baby will sit, crawl, walk, and run later. So, make sure that you put enough effort to make his limbs strong.