Get Rolling-Introduce Your Child To Outdoor Activities!

Get Rolling-Introduce Your Child To Outdoor Activities!
Gross motor
  • Your child at this stage is ready for some mucle strengthening. Introduce a stuffed ball and watch as he examines the toy before you teach him how to play with it. This is a perfect introduction to outdoor activities and will aid in strengthening his muscles and improving his visuo-motor co-ordination. 
  • Once your baby has started to crawl and sit on his own, you can introduce him to more games than the usual in house tea parties. Take him out in the park, seat him down on a mat and hand him a stuffed ball to see how he reacts to it.
  • Balls are the simplest and easiest way to introduce your little one to an outdoor sport. With no sharp edges or hard surfaces, there are minimal chances of your child hurting himself with a ball, a stuffed one at that.
  • The rolling ball will excite him to follow it and figure out new ways to entertain himself with the new plaything. Not only is this going to keep him pleasantly distracted, this also going to help develop his muscles and motor skills. It will also improve his hand eye co-ordination when he tries to throw the ball or fetch it.