Get Toys That Your Baby Can Grip And Hold

Get Toys That Your Baby Can Grip And Hold
Gross motor
  • Your baby's motor skills are progressing at this stage. Encourage your baby to reach for and grip objects. Place a favorite toy just out of reach and let them try to wriggle towards it while you supervise them. Instead of big fluffy toys, get your little one toys that have different parts and textures that they can grasp and feel. 
  • Gradually as the baby grows she will become more and more conscious of her body parts. First her hands and legs, then other parts. During this period you can try and build up the motor skills of the baby. When the baby starts using her hands a little more steadily to touch and hold your fingers or pull your hair, give her objects to hold.
  • Start with tiny harmless objects which her hand can grasp. See how well she can hold them. This will help build up her strength to grip objects. Once she has mastered the art of holding objects steadily, try out objects with different colour and texture. This can work as a brilliant learning process for the baby in understanding different shapes, colours and textures and at the same time develop her grasping skills.
  • You must ensure that the objects that you hand her are chemical free and child friendly since kids have a natural habit of putting anything in their mouth instantly. Despite taking this precaution, always discourage your young one from putting objects in her mouth, this way she will learn that not all objects are food.