Diaper Rashes in Babies: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Diaper Rashes in Babies: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
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Diaper rashes in babies are quite common and your baby might be no different. Before getting to the solution, you need to know what could possibly be the causes of diaper rashes in your baby:

Possible causes of diaper rashes in your baby:

1. Moisture

Although designed to be absorbent, diapers sometimes trap moisture onto your little one’s skin leaving room for bacterial infestation and eventually infections that cause rashes.

2. Chafing can cause diaper rashes in your baby

The friction between the diaper and your little one’s skin could cause rashes. This is particularly the case when your little one’s skin is very sensitive or the quality of the diaper is unsatisfactory.

3. Antibiotics can contribute to diaper rashes in your baby

Antibiotics tend to deplete the healthy microbial flora and give way to yeast and bacterial infections. If you or your little one is on an antibiotic course, chances are that you could see a sudden spurt of rashes due to the side effects of the medicine.

4. Change in foods:

Certain foods can induce allergies which your little one is unable to fight; this eventually leads to rashes.

Symptoms of diaper rashes in your baby:

The most common symptoms of diaper rashes in your baby include:

Skin changes

You may observe red, tender skin in the buttock area of your little one, which may also spread to his thighs and genital region.

Behavioral changes

If your baby cries or shows a lot of discomfort during diaper change sessions, chances are high that the little one is suffering from diaper rashes.

Treatment for diaper rashes in your baby

1. Keep the area clean and dry

2. Change the diapers as often as possible. The best way would be to change it as soon as it gets soiled without waiting.

3. Use soothing creams containing zinc in them on the affected area after consultation with your doctor, which would help regulate your baby's discomfort and give the little one some relief. 

4. Use a diaper rash cream and keep the area moisture free until the red bumps subside. Consult a doctor if you see any signs of worry.

If you still see that there are blisters forming in the diaper area with swelling and more itchiness, and your child has suddenly developed a fever, it is best to consult your doctor right away!