Handling A Fussy Baby In Outing

Handling A Fussy Baby In Outing
5m to 8m
  • At this stage, if your baby is being fussy during an outing, ensure that you try to know the reason for the fuss. Distracting your baby is yet another way to handle the fuss. Give attention to him, you never know all the fuss could just be to seek you and your attention! From the moment they are born, infants are used to the undivided attention from their parents. 
  • There are always people hovering over your cutie pie, making sure he is comfortable and cosy. With time as he starts to grow, crawl and learn to express better, he experiences a certain amount of waning attention. This is something that infants of this age may not take well. This displeasure is often expressed in the form of creating a fuss.
  • If your kid has abruptly started throwing tantrums or creating fuss, it may be a signal that they feel their monopoly on your attention weakening and thus, are making an attempt to get it back by creating some or the other issue.
  • However, you must not summarily ignore the fuss as a mode of seeking attention. Sometimes there can actually be a genuine reason for them to be cranky or fussy. Make sure that you have looked into all the genuine reasons before declaring it as an attention seeking gimmick.