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Health & Hygiene: Remember This As A Responsible New Mother

Health & Hygiene: Remember This As A Responsible New Mother
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Motherhood is beyond every mark and pain. With the birth of your new born, there many challenges arise. Breast feeding being the first. Along with challenges, responsibilities of being healthy and hygienic come up as well. Make sure you are aware of the bacterial and fungal growth causing infections. The first few days after delivery can be hard for you and your baby. These are also the most vulnerable days for both. This is what makes maintaining the health and hygiene of you, the new mother, all the more important. Washing your hands regularly with a mild hand wash is a good place to start with. This is particularly essential before you handle your baby and before a breastfeeding session. Next comes the maintenance of hygiene of a breastfeeding mother. For taking care of your health, stay hydrated and consume a healthy balanced diet to focus on gaining all essential daily nutrients. Keep the nipples dry and clean. Use absorptive breast pads to tackle leaks and wick away the moisture. After every breastfeeding session wash the breasts and use nipple care creams for sore nipples. Such small steps to maintaining hygiene would help prevent infections in both, you and your baby.