Help Your Child Recognize His Name

Help Your Child Recognize His Name
5m to 8m
  • Your baby has begun to identify a lot of things at this point but there's still miles to go for him to gain an expertise in recognizing things. Recognizing his own name is a definite feet for your baby. Call your baby more by his name. Refrain from using multiple names and baby talks as this may confuse the little one. 
  • If you feel your baby is not responding well, see a doctor. Among the first few things that your baby needs to recognise, his own name tops the list. In order to have an effective non-verbal communication with him during his growing months, you should always attempt to start your conversations with him by calling out his name first.
  • Though he is far too young to understand the words or the fact that it is his name, he will learn to associate a sense of connection with the sound of it. With time when he learns to babble, he will also understand that people use a certain word to address him, which is his name. This entire process evolves naturally.
  • Do not over create nicknames early in the months as it may confuse the baby on which word he should respond to. In case you find any unusual delay in his grasping power, it is advised you consult a doctor, just to be sure.