Helping Your Little One To Sit Up

Helping Your Little One To Sit Up
Gross motor
  • By 5 months your baby should be able to sit, provided you prop up your little one with cushions. To further help them to sit and for better balance shift the little one's legs to make a V- shape. Provide adequate physical support and ensure you are always nearby to keep a watch over your child. 
  • For the initial few months, the baby has absolutely no control or consciousness of his whole body. Over the first few months he learns to acquaint himself with his body. The neck which is the softest and the most crucial part of the body is perhaps the first thing that he is taught to consciously control. This may be achieved by encouraging the baby to sit on the bed. You need not start directly by making him sit on the bed.
  • Firstly, try propping him in a sitting posture on your lap supporting his body by one hand and his head by other. If you see him trying to control and keep his head steady, proceed to propping him on the bed with the support of pillows around him, specifically on his back. Gradually, remove the pillows from around and leave one on the back as a safety measure. At all times, sit in front of him to ensure that he doesn’t fall off. With time and practice your baby will learn how to hold his head on his shoulder and sit without tumbling off to either side. The process can be long and slightly tedious so be patient with your baby.