Holding With Fingers

Holding With Fingers
Gross motor

Holding something with fingers is more difficult than you perceive it to be. Your child will hold his pencil for the first time. He will use all his fingers and palm for the same initially. And then slowly, he will get the grip that is needed for writing, drawing and other activities. This is easier said than done though.

For a child, to hold something with fingers needs a great deal of nervous and muscle power. There is a lot of strength that is involved in making that happen. The child learns to do a particular thing after several attempts. He tries and tries and slowly builds up that confidence to hold a particular thing in his hand and in a certain way. He must have looked and noticed you on several occasions and then he must have garnered the courage to pick the thing on his own.

Such activities also require physical strength. So, make sure that at this age your child gets ample of physical exercise along with good food. This will make his hand and finger muscles strong and he will eventually meet all these milestones in a better way. Acknowledge all such moves that your child makes, so that he gets encouraged and feels good about what he is doing and also how.