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How To Deal With Your Baby's Odd Sleeping Hours?

How To Deal With Your Baby's Odd Sleeping Hours?
6 to 12 months tip
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It is uncommon if your baby is sleeping more in the day time and less in the night. So, in order to fix this, make sure you keep your baby busy in the day. Involve him in various playful activities, if your little one gets tired and sleeps off, let him do so but not more than 2 hours. Engage your kid is physical tasks that will help him develop him muscles as well has tire him at the same time. Ensure that you put him to bed at the same time every night. 

A healthy sleep pattern is essential for your baby's development. So even when he grows up, make sure the activities throughout the day keep him well occupied physically and mentally so that at night, his body craves to relax by default and he gets a sound sleep.