How To Encourage Your Baby To Remember Things

How To Encourage Your Baby To Remember Things

As your little baby's body is now developing, you need to keep developing his memory as well. An excellent way to hone memory is to encourage your child to remember things. Show him something interesting, hide it for a few days, and then see if he remembers it once he sees it again.

You can also test your kid’s memory regarding different locations. Take him to an attractive place like a park and let him enjoy himself. After a few days, take a walk near that place, and see if your little one makes any sign of wanting to go to the same place again, for example by pointing or reaching in that direction.

Introduce your child to new faces and pronounce their names slowly and clearly; for example, “This is Chachi.” When you come across these people after a few days, check if your kid is showing any signs of recognition, or if he can remember the name you told him.