How To Handle Your Little Explorer?

How To Handle Your Little Explorer?
11m to 1y

Your bundle of joy is fearlessly exploring his inside and outside world. Now that he is able to walk, he wants to make use of his newly gained independence.

  • A walk in the park or going in his stroller, he examines nature in its various forms. Be it fallen leaves, mud, twigs, chirping birds all of it manages to raise his curiosity. He will use his senses to understand them.
  • At home, he may want to climb on the chair, play with utensils, bang blocks all feeding his curiosity and developing motor skills. 
  • Correct your little one when needed. Please don’t rush in or interrupt his exploration. If he does not listen, try diverting his attention to other activities.
  • Supervise and keep him safe. Keep sharp objects, medicines out of his reach. Use electrical outlet covers. Some important pointers can be- -Keeping your baby safe and away from electrical sockets by using socket caps. 
  1. Consider hiding the socket behind a piece of furniture. What can't be seen doesn’t exist for your little one! 
  2. Dispose all potentially hazardous materials in a central place such as the kitchen to keep your child safe. 
  3. Explain your child everything that is around him. Don't curb his curiosity, but address with an answer