How to Avoid Diaper Rashes in Babies?

How to Avoid Diaper Rashes in Babies?
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Diaper rashes in babies are very common due to multiple reasons. The best way to avoid this in your baby is to abide by some simple home remedies for diaper rashes. A few strategies and precautions can help in preventing or decreasing the likelihood of developing diaper rashes on  baby’s skin. You need to also keep in mind that the reason rashes, be it general ones or diaper rashes in babies are so common is due to the fact that a newborn's skin is extremely sensitive, so whatever you do, be very gentle on it.

Tips to avoid diaper rashes in baby: 

Follow these effective tips to avoid these rashes in your baby and make sure the little one's health is all good.

Use lukewarm water to wipe your baby's diaper area

To prevent diaper rashes, clean your baby’s bottom with lukewarm water after each diaper change and gently part the skin dry with a clean dry towel before you change the diaper use creams that protect the child’s body like a barrier.

Say no to artificial synthetic fiber clothes

Synthetic fibers are notorious for causing more diaper rash and retaining foul smells, they are much harder to get clean as well. Instead, use cotton which is very absorbent, easy to care for, and comfortable for babies heat rashes. Instead of synthetic cloth make sure your baby wears light cotton clothes which allows circulation and thereby prevents rashes.

Keep a keen observation of your baby's hygiene

Keep your baby’s body clean. Bath time is a great time to do so, look for a soap that is mild and moisturizing and does not scrub hard. This will significantly reduce the possibility of diaper rash in your baby. Use lukewarm water and also use baby powder after bath. If you’re using disposable wipes, make sure they don’t contain alcohol or other irritants, which will sting and irritate the raw areas on your baby’s skin. Also, some babies might be allergic to the preservatives in disposable wipes.

Change diapers often to particularly rule out diaper rash in your baby

Overuse of one single diaper more than a given time frame can result in irritating diaper rashes in baby. So, make sure you change your little one's diapers from time to time, whenever you feel that it has been used over time.

Pat the skin dry with a clean towel

It is important that you pat your baby's skin dry with a completely clean towel every time you change his diaper, as this would help in avoiding rashes that can be a result of pertaining wetness or bacteria from an unclean towel.

Do not over tighten the diaper as it can cause diaper rashes

It is advisable that you don't tighten the diaper when you make your baby wear it as tightening can create a moist environment leading to rashes in your little one.

Give more time to your baby’s bottom without a diaper

This is a good way of keeping all problems related to diaper rashes at bay. Your baby's skin is extremely sensitive and thus, needs to breathe more often than the skin of adults. Hence, it is essential that your baby's bottom is bereft of a diaper for most parts of the day, except for times when it is extremely essential, such as, during going out, having guests coming over, and more instances like these.

Chemicals are a strict no-no

Newborn baby skin is delicate and so is the baby’s immune system. Chemical fragrance and dyes in clothing detergents and baby products can cause rashes in the newborn, can be more than just diaper rashes. So, wash baby’s clothing separately from the family laundry.

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