How You Can Encourage Your Baby To Crawl

How You Can Encourage Your Baby To Crawl
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Before your child begins to take his first steps, he will most likely spend some time crawling about. This will help develop his muscles, motor skills, and sense of coordination, so help him as much as you can.

Encourage crawling by putting a favourite toy just out of your baby’s reach and cheering him on as he crawls towards it. As he reaches it, pull it slightly out of reach again. After a few times, let him catch it, and applaud him loudly so that he is encouraged to try it again.

If your baby is crawling on the bed, be extra vigilant so that he does not fall off the edge. If he is on the floor, make sure the floor is clean and disinfected. You can put some cotton mittens on your baby’s hands and socks on his feet. This will reduce the pressure on your baby’s limbs.