Identifying Signs Of Your Baby's First Social Interaction

Identifying Signs Of Your Baby's First Social Interaction
9m to 1y
  • For your child, his first friend is still you. When he sees other babies, he will imitate what they are doing, may be even smile but will still prefer to play on his own. These are the first signs of his social interaction.  He understands emotions like happy , sad, and even anger. For instance, if he does not see you for some time, he may be angry or frustrated. 
  • Sharing is a meaningless term for him at this moment and naturally so, since he is too small. He will be possessive of his toys and belongings. If any baby touches his toys, he will not like it and may turn aggressive. This is because he does not understand yet that others have feelings too. Here, you need to teach him, “The baby is not taking your toy home.” This may need some reinforcement and time till he gets a sense of what sharing is all about.  
  • His understanding about outside world is that people exist besides him. But he is not interested in them and how they feel. Now, also it is all about him only and it is absolutely normal.