Important Tip For Breastfeeding Twins or Multiple Babies

Important Tip For Breastfeeding Twins or Multiple Babies
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Feeding two babies puts a lot of stress on the mother as she has to cater to both her children, often at the same time. Most multiple pregnancies are delivered prematurely; hence the mother has the added stress of not only feeding two mouths, but also feeding two premature ones.

She can nurse both of them simultaneously by supporting the babies using a nursing pillow or simply rolling soft, thick towels to keep them comfortable. If any worries or doubts arise, feel free to consult a doctor.

It is a good idea for the mother to express and store milk to feed her babies. This way, there will always be a constant supply of mother’s milk, but keep this to a minimum as skin to skin contact is essential for bonding during feeding. Several mothers worry if they have enough milk for both their babies. This is a myth, as milk supply is based on demand and one can safely nurse both their babies at the same time.