Indulge In Conversation With Your Baby

Indulge In Conversation With Your Baby
  • When your baby is babbling to you, give your baby the feeling that you are listening. Respond animatedly to their baby talk. This will motivate your baby to improve their language acquisition skills. Playthings like counting beads or an abacus will aid in the development of number concepts.
  • Your baby will babble between 4 to 6 months. He will string together consonant and vowel sounds like a-ga, a-da….etc.
  • During this time, keep talking to your child often. Keep eye contact as he babbles and smile at him. If he babbles, repeat it. Also try to add language cues. For instance, if he says “ba-ba-ba,” you can revert by saying, “You want to play with the ball?” 
  • This gives him the message that sounds are fun to make and also a good way to talk to each other. 
  • Keep asking questions.  ''Shall we go to the park?'' Or ''Shall we read a book?''
  • Read books to your baby . He will get to hear many words. 
  • You may be babbling just like him during a conversation. No issues. With repetition, encouragement, soon the babbles will join to form his first words. 
  • Around 12 months you will see him gaining better control and then he can combine the sounds. And once the first word is out, it is no stopping for him from then on. Keep talking to your cutie pie, read books to him and there will be a drastic growth in his language abilities.