Introduce Your Baby To Puppet Play!

Introduce Your Baby To Puppet Play!
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Puppeteering and role play are great ways to engage your little one for some fun play time. Your child will find that the bright colors of puppets are visually appealing and attractive.

Here are some ways that you can have fun with your little one using puppets

1. Choose puppets, which are bright and colorful. Bright colors and shapes are more visually appealing to your little one at this age and therefore, using hand puppets of these characteristics help in effectively engaging your little one.

2. Allow your child to touch and feel the hand puppet, moving it around and making sounds as they are touching and feeling it gives your little one a feeling of engagement and correlation between action and effect, making him have more fun with your and his new little friend

3. Make sure that the material the puppets are made of is hypo-allergenic and the colors are child-safe, making your his play-time safe and fun.

4. Having a back story to each of your child’s hand puppets is a fun way to have him remember them. Make each one of the hand puppets have a unique voice and behavior, giving distinction to the different characters.

5. Puppet shows are a dying, age-old art form, which is a visually engaging and fun activity that you can expose your child to. Taking your child to these puppet shows is a great way to expose him to this dying art form, letting him have fun at the same time.