Introducing Your Little One To Doodling

Introducing Your Little One To Doodling
11m to 1y

Doodling is a fun way to gauge your child's development. 

  • Around this time, your child has a good pincer grasp. This will enable her to hold a crayon. Provide her a doodle  pad or paper where she can scribble, doodle and build her manual dexterity. If you see her writing on the wall, don’t yell at her. Instead tape big sheets of paper to the wall and let her explore doodling and scribbling over there. 
  • You want your cutiepie to be safe. Hence, invest in non toxic crayons. Supervise her but let her doodle to her heart’s content. 
  • Your child may just make a dot or press the crayon so hard that it creates a hole in the paper. No problem. She enjoys the sensory output and feels good about it.