Is Your Little One An Early Talker Or A Late One?

Is Your Little One An Early Talker Or A Late One?
4m to 7m
Language & Communication

It is vital to remember that different babies have different rates and milestones of development, so your baby might start babbling a little earlier or later than other babies of your acquaintance. However, you need to be alert for any drastic delays. Early intervention in speech and language delay is extremely essential to rule out autism or cognitive issues.

Never go by any myth such as 'the youngest in the family is always the last to talk.' The minute infants are acquainted with sounds and voices, they seek to emulate them. Notice when you talk to them or mimic their babbling, they will laugh and repeat it. This babbling gradually takes form of a speech if steered in the right direction. Ideal time for kids to start putting two words together is from 18-24 months in general.

If you see a delay beyond that you might want to consult a doctor to be on the safer side. However, anything before 2 years need not be a cause to worry as some kids start as early as 18 months and some go on till 2 years. Wait till your child is of an age where his speech should have developed enough to form simple two word sentences. Consultation is advised post this stage.