Its All About Being Connected To The Nature

Its All About Being Connected To The Nature
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Getting your child acquiainted with nature and animals is an important aspect of her overall growth and development. Not only are the activies informative and let the child be introduced to new concepts of the vast nature that is around her, but also serve to engage her in a positive way.

Here are a few tips on getting your child acquianted with nature:

1. Going to the park is one of the most simple and fun ways to introduce the concept of nature to your little one. A simple walk around the park, talking about what plants and animals do, identifying some common animals and plants is a great way to acquaint your little one to the concept of nature.

2. Visiting the zoo helps in building upon a basic knowlege of the animals that kids learn about in their schools/playtime. Showing them the live animals that they so commonly hear stories about and seeing them in their natural habitat is a great way to familiarize them to animals.

3. Gardening is also a great way of actively engaging your child with nature. Starting a small backyard or window sill garden is a simple exercise that is a great way to get your child into the concept of nature, getting acquainted with the different phases of the growth of a plant, the effort and the joy of growing plants is something that your child might very much enjoy!

4. Camping expeditions are a fun way to get your child intimately associated with nature. Setting up tents, collecting firewood, campfires, and campfire stories and fun are just some of the things that your child might enjoy very much, at the same time getting to know more about nature in the realest way possible.