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Keep Eye On Your Baby Constantly Once They Start Moving

Keep Eye On Your Baby Constantly Once They Start Moving
3 to 6 months tip
Gross motor
  • Now that your baby can make movements, you need to be vigilant. Make sure your baby is never alone on a cot or a raised area as they tend to roll over suddenly. 
  • Never leave your baby unattended as they may put objects into their mouth that might not be safe. As parents, you need to keep a strong eye on your child when he starts to move around. 
  • A strong vigilance needs to be put, along with necessary precautions to manage a safe surrounding for him in the house. 
  • Cover the bed using extra cushions, and try to cover the sharp edges of the furniture in order to avoid any harmful situation. 
  • Make sure that someone is there with your baby at all times, as she might roll or tumble. 
  • Also, do not keep small toys or other items close to her reach, since your little one has a habit of placing them in their mouth at the very first go!