Keep Talking To Your Baby To Develop Their Sensory Skills

Keep Talking To Your Baby To Develop Their Sensory Skills
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At this age, your child will be able to localize and recognize the presence or absence of sound, but your little one’s brain will be receptive and processing the sounds that she hears and hence using this as an opportunity to help your child to be familiar with the household’s language is a great step to take in laying the foundation for the language skills of your child.

1. Bed time and nap time story-telling is a great way to engage your child’s attention to your speech and language. Reciting known stories or stories from books in your mother tongue passively exposes your child to the language that she will learn as she grows up, making for an excellent stepping stone for her when she starts speaking.

2. Lullabies are another fun and engaging form of conversation with your little one. We always remember the tunes and songs that our mothers used to sing to us as we were rocked to peaceful sleep and assuredly your child will too, one day, recall fondly the lullabies that rocked her to sleep. Calm, soothing tunes put your child’s mind at ease and bring about a sense of tranquility which fosters her to sleep, but as she grows she will start to understand and comprehend the language aspect of the same.

3. You can engage your little one in a conversation during her waking time too! Talk to your child actively with active facial expressions and a loving tone of voice. Though this may be hard to do at times and is often a one-sided conversation with your little one, know that the laughing and squealing that your little one does is the way that she expresses her reactions to you!