Keep Up A Stream Of Chatter With Your Kid

Keep Up A Stream Of Chatter With Your Kid
  • Keep talking to your kid during all his waking hours. It doesn’t have to be anything deep or meaningful– just chatter about what you are doing, or recite a poem or sing a song. Laugh with him and treat him as your little friend. Gradually your child will become confident of his language skills and will learn how to talk to other elders and children too.
  • The more you talk to your bundle of joy, the sooner she will learn to talk. In addition to doing structured activities like reading a story book to your child, which involves talking, also talk to your child while doing house chores. Chat with her about your work, daily routine, etc. 
  • While talking, keep your sentences short and precise. Stress on the key words. Keep your tone positive, use facial expressions and hands. This will keep your cutiepie attentive for a good time. Above all, keep your home distraction free so that she hears you well. 
  • Expose your child to new environments where you can introduce more words and do talking. For instance, while travelling in a car or a stroll in the park, talk to her about what you see around.