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Swaddle Blanket: Swaddle Your Baby & Keep Him Warm & Cozy

Swaddle Blanket: Swaddle Your Baby & Keep Him Warm & Cozy
newborn tip

At this stage, you should swaddle your baby to give him the warmth that he misses often! Your dearest baby is out of your cozy womb and has now stepped into this beautiful world. This is a very happy news but now your baby is very vulnerable and therefore the first thing he might miss is the warmth he felt when he was inside you.

Always swaddle your baby

Always keep your little baby swaddled - wrapped up in a warm towel or a baby blanket. Since it has been just a few hours or days after your baby’s birth, he may react to any kind of discomfort through crying.

Rock, swing, stroll

Keeping rocking your baby or swing him gently or perhaps do strolling with your baby. Keep him close to your body so that he’s warm. Swaddling your baby at this stage is a must since he's too little to get acclimatized with the new environment right away.