Keep Your Child's Gums Clean Before Teeth Appear

Keep Your Child's Gums Clean Before Teeth Appear
Health & Hygiene
  • Teeth actually start forming during the second term of pregnancy and the child is born with 20 primary fully developed teeth in the jaws. So even before the child starts teething, it is recommended to run a clean soft cloth over the gums to remove bacteria.
  • Once the teeth start showing, a proper baby toothbrush must be used for your little one.
  • Oral hygiene in young infants is quite crucial. Although teething starts after a later stage, parents need to make sure that their little one’s gums are clean and healthy.
  • Always manage a good stock of wet wipes as well as a soft cloth so slowly clean your baby’s swollen gums. This is needed to remove the bacteria.
  • Consult your infant’s doctor once his teeth appear. There are baby toothbrushes available which can be used with proper precaution to maintain good oral health for your little one.