Key Thing To Remember If Your Kiddo Is A Fussy Eater

Key Thing To Remember If Your Kiddo Is A Fussy Eater
11m to 1y
Eating Habit
  • You want your child to inculcate good eating habits. The earlier you start, the better it is for him. However, your child may have different plans. He may be choosy in eating foods.
  • One way to handle a picky eater, is to put new foods to foods that he already prefers to have. Encourage him to explore the new food by smelling, licking, touching or tasting. If he refuses, try again next time till he finally eats it. Never force him as this will make the picky eating behaviour worse and become grumpy.
  • Customization is the key.If he is picky about eating vegetables, try sneaking into all sorts of home-made meals. For instance, add vegetables like carrot, peas while making khichdi.
  • Eat meals together. This way he will get interested in what all are having.  
  • He may have a preference for the food texture, presentation, etc. OR he would like to eat on his own. So take it slow and never commit the mistake of force feeding. You wouldn't want your little one to lose his appetite.