Know The Causes Of Your Baby's Burps

Know The Causes Of Your Baby's Burps
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Sometimes your child can burp excessively at this age and knowing the causes for the same is important to have a basic understanding of the workings of your child’s digestive system.

Here are the common causes of excessive burping in your child

1. Overfeeding your child can cause your child to have excessive burping. Your child has a limited capacity of his stomach and excessive feeding can cause his stomach to be filled over the capacity than it can digest, causing the barrier that keeps the contents of the stomach within it and not be regurgitated into the food pipe or esophagus of your little one to malfunction, causing your child to excessively burp.

2. For children who cannot be breastfed and are on formula feeding, know that formula feeds innately cause more than normal burping in your child. The constitution of these formulas can never be perfectly identical to the constitution of breast milk and therefore might not always agree with your little one’s digestive system. Hence, when your child is started on formula feeds during the time of weaning, do not be alarmed if he starts burping excessively.

3. Remember to let your child be burped adequately after every feed, lest your child should regurgitate what she just had. Put your child on your shoulder and pat and stroke her back so as to relieve the pressure in your little one’s stomach.

4. Additionally, incorporating ginger and asafetida in the mother’s diet, ensures that the same is passed on to the child via the breast milk, enhancing the motility of the child’s digestive system, reducing the incidence of excessive burping in your little one.