Know What You Touch, Baby!

Know What You Touch, Baby!
5m to 8m
  • At this stage, make sure you offer items to your baby which do not contain any sharp edges or a rough surface. Prefer objects that are light-weight and can be easily handled by the baby. Avoid materials which might affect the baby’s skin. An infant’s skin is very vulnerable and it should be given extra care. Once the baby starts crawling, she is prone to touching, picking and eating almost everything that falls in her sight. 
  • In such a situation it is extremely important to do some baby proofing around the house. Keep all sharp objects as far out of reach of your young one as possible. Also, ensure that you have covered up all the sharp edges such as table corners or chair legs.
  • Part of baby proofing includes removing any and all such objects and materials which may affect baby’s skin. In case your baby is prone to any kind of allergy from some common objects in the house like the dust from the rugs or furs or anything similar, make sure that such items are kept far away from the child’s reach.
  • A baby has a very tender skin and this is the time when they may develop some or the other allergy or infection. It is best to be careful of what the baby is being exposed to. Any form of harmful object, whether it is something sharp or something with chemical ingredients that may harm the baby in any form, must be stashed away till the time the baby is ready to differentiate between harmful and healthy.