Knowing Your Child's Hearing Abilities

Knowing Your Child's Hearing Abilities
0 to 3m

At this age, your child’s response to sound cues and sounds around her will be akin to the air around you; it is present but it its presence is stubble.

Here are some ways in which you can make note of your child’s hearing capabilities

1. At this age, your little one has the capability to respond and localize sound, which means that you will be able to see that your child recognizes the presence, absence or incidence of sound and will be able to roughly locate where is the source of this sound, by moving her head towards or looking towards the general direction of the origin of the sound.

2. Your child’s sense of hearing is still developing and hence, all the sounds and devices that you will use to elicit the presence and functioning of her hearing should be age-appropriate, that is, the sounds should not be too loud or shrill lest your little one’s hearing would be damaged by it.

3. Use simple sounds and sources of sound, such as, small bells, rattles, colorful toys, etc. to test your little one’s hearing. These objects are convenient and attractive to your child, hence, serving as an ideal medium to use to test her hearing.

4. With this knowledge and monitoring the progress of your child’s development in her sense of hearing by tallying it with her milestones using the GrowthCheck feature on the app, you can keep an eye on your child’s development of senses accurately and conveniently.