Leave Your Baby With Someone They Are Familiar With

Leave Your Baby With Someone They Are Familiar With
  • Make sure that the person who will be with the baby in your absence is familiar to your child. Make this person interact regularly with your little one before you start the process of leaving them alone with each other.
  • Leave your baby alone with them only when you are sure that the little one is completely comfortable with them and reliable too.
  • Watch for signs of discomfort from your child in the presence of that person. It is possible that for some reason, your child might not feel at ease with that person, which you should test by closely observing her behaviour in their presence. It helps to allow that person to play with your child with her favourite toys.
  • And don't go by the logic that if you think a person is great to be with, your child will feel the same. Sometimes, someone you are extremely comfortable with, can make your child feel uncomfortable. So look into all these aspects before leaving your child with someone else.