Let Your Baby Reach And Grasp Things

Let Your Baby Reach And Grasp Things

Now that your baby is growing and has started following things and toys, it is time to develop her motor skills by letting her grasp the things in her hands. Do not make things easy to her and let her grasp the things by placing them a bit far from her so that she will crawl to grasp it.

1. Give your baby soft and variety of toys that are attractive and easy to grasp.

2. Place them all around your baby and let her make an effort to grasp them one by one.

3. Let her observe these toys and see her reaction as soon she will choose her favorite toy among all.

4. Let her touch the toys and feel it so that the sense of touching will develop.

5. When she will grasp the toy her motor skills will improve day by day.

6. Do not keep anything smaller than their own size or their might be a danger of your baby putting into her mouth.

7. Keep appropriate size of toys that your baby can easily grasp.

You need to be with your baby when she is with her toys so that if she is unable to reach towards them then you can shift them bit close. Also keeping an eye on your baby’s movements is very important so that she does not fall down while crawling and reaching out for the toys.