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Make Your Baby Drift Into Dreamland With Your Voice

Make Your Baby Drift Into Dreamland With Your Voice
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Your little one has a strong bond with you, the reason being that he spends 9 months of his life inside your womb. The sound of your voice soothed your child while he was inside. All that he hears in those 9 months is your voice, and he could easily connect with you through your voice.

So, when your baby is very irritable or is in his worst frame of mind, all you need to do is hug him, cuddle with him, sit by his side and start talking or just sing to him, he will fall asleep in no time. Your voice is familiar to your baby, he feels secure whenever he hears you. And it is your voice that helps him to sleep peacefully without any fear of his surroundings. Your voice makes him travel to his dreamland and soothes him giving him longer hours of sleep.