Make Your Baby Track Moving Objects

Make Your Baby Track Moving Objects
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Keeping a check on your little one's vision right from the start has its advantages in the longer run. It is important to keep tabs on this aspect as she grows, to detect any flaw with respect to her sight. Read on to find a few tips that can help in this area.

1. Point your index finger at her from a distance not too far away but also, not too close, such that she is able to focus on the tip of your index finger without any difficulty. Move your finger sideways as well as upwards and downwards, slowly so she is able to follow the movement.

2. Show your little one a few moving toys. A toy train that can be pulled or a wind up toy should do the trick. Observe whether your child is able to trace the movement of the object easily.

3. A ceiling fan is an absolute classic to help your child understand movement. Although the fan does not move, your child is sure to enjoy the motion of the blades.

4. Introduce a colorful object like a paper fan or a peacock feather. Your child is sure to get fascinated with the colors and this will make her focus on the movement of the object a lot better than before.

5. Always keep in mind that your child will not focus on the momevent of the object at most times as her attention span is very small due to her young age. This should not be a reason to create any panic for you. If you observe that your child does not respond to any movement at all, consult a doctor.